Limitations in Carbon Market 

& Conditions needed 

for Active-Participating 

New Ecosystem

Limitations of the 

Compliance Carbon Market : 

Is it possible only with international agreements and declarations & national regulations?

- As emission reduction is inversely related to 

  economic revitalization, it leads to national 

  self-interest and corporate's non-cooperation.
- NDC(Nationally Determined Contributions) 

  “Has Nationality”

Limitations of the 

Voluntary Carbon Market : 

Will there be any tangible profit (benefit) for the

 carbon reduction project owners?

- The profit (benefit) returned to the actual entities 

  after the carbon reduction project is less than 10%.      (In most supply chains, it is treated as another 

   entity's cost/profit, so only third-parties enjoy the 


- It is necessary to improve compensation by 

  applying more transparent, accurate, quick, and 

  reliable methods.

- It is urgent to activate the vertical (government-led)

  carbon-emission-reduction-centered compliance 

  market and the horizontal (private-led) 

  carbon-absorption-promotion-centered voluntary 


- It is necessary to form an ecosystem in which all 

  members of society (including businesses and 

  ordinary citizens, especially the MZ generation) 

  voluntarily and actively participate. (Efforts by 

  environmental experts are limited)

- To actively participate in these contents, what 

  other contents are necessary for Net Zero besides 

  Compliance & Voluntary Carbon Market?

Conditions necessary for the formation of an ecosystem in which all members of the society can actively participate

Key Consideration for Effective 
Carbon Offset Market:


Addtionality, Permanence, Double-counting, Leakage, Quantifiability, Verification

Source: The future of carbon offset marketplaces: 
Opportunities and key drivers

Blockchain Technology 

(& Tokenization)  has to be applied!

Using Blockchain Technology : 

Ensure carbon Integrity, avoid double counting, Enhance transparency

(This specific application of blockchain technology for humanity's social contribution may be an example of the solution to the recent cryptocurrency crisis)

Carbon Market with 

Blockchain Technology

    It is necessary to remove the national restrictions of        the carbon trading system and implement a global network in which many members participate
without a centralized management entity.
   By using blockchain technology and introducing
digital currency, it is possible to increase the internationalization, efficiency, and reliability of
certified emission reduction trading by promoting
 security and transparency while decentralizing.

GESIA Platform, GESIA Services, GESIA & Chain, GET

01.  What  Is GESIA?

GESIA: Green Earth Social Impact Alliance

GESIA Platform is a social movement that aims to create a community of the MZ generation who share the value of “Social Impact” and to foster investment toward nature preservation projects and provide fair and transparent returns through the platform. Based on blockchain technology to ensure trust and sustainability among community participants, the GESIA Platform will evolve to create a new global carbon neutrality ecosystem for the greener future of the next generations. 

02. NFT Green Activity Certificate

Participating in the verified carbon offset project is indeed  

a solid business opportunity in the fast-growing Carbon 

Economy.  GESIA Platform will widely open a window of opportunities for community participants to harness social 

impact investment opportunities. Participants will be able to

 actively monitor the progress of the project and may elect

to remove one’s carbon footprints if choose to do so.

03. Carbon Offset Credit Trading Service

GESIA Platform will provide easier access to the cross-border carbon offset trade using virtual assets and allow community participants to procure a fractional share of carbon offset credit. Using a fractional share of carbon offset credit, participants may use it to erase a small personal carbon footprint.

04  GESIA Main Net

GESIA Chain will verifiably interconnect interested parties 

and support carbon offset projects around the globe.