Want to Live on Earth :

Solving Environmental(climate & land) Crisis with Blockchain Technology

Human Survival on Earth : Possible Only with the Solution of Environmental Crisis

Leaving homeland could happen if situation get worse: To escape from war, persecution, etc. 

But, escaping from earth because it no longer is suitable for human being? No, no way!

"CN(Carbon Neutrality) is important indeed! But, as much attention should 

also be on LDN(Land Degradation Neutrality)"

Present effort alone cannot solve the problem

Limit of Compliance 
Carbon Market:

「International agreement and declarations & national regulations」 are not enough

Limit of Voluntary 
Carbon Market:

 Very little profit (benefit) for the carbon

reduction project owners

Due to the limitation of CCM's 'vertical (govt-led), carbon-emission-reduction-centered' approach, activation of 'horizontal (private-led) carbon-absorption-growth-centered' approach is urgently needed.

Formation of an ecosystem needed where diverse organizations and general public (esp. MZ generations) can participate voluntarily and actively.

CN(Carbon Neutrality) is important indeed! 
But, as much attention should also be on LDN
(Land Degradation Neutrality)!

Conditions Needed for Formation of 
VCM Ecosystem and

Voluntary Participation of the Global Society

Application of Blockchain Technology

- Ensure carbon integrity: 
Avoid double counting & Enhance transparency

-  Solving climate crisis with blockchain 

technology can be a good model of solving 

recent cryptocurrency crisis itself

Value Chain Ecosystem 
in VCM

-  Mere existence of elemental technologies 

cannot fulfill ecosystem of VCM, 

not to mention building trust and activating it

Trust-building in UN-supported ecosystem is 

essential for the success of CN & LDN


Goals and Roles of GEC


GEC (Green Earth Community)pursue to develop a climate/environmental sector-specific business model with new perspective and technology to make earth 

a better place to live on.

By forming an ecosystem with diverse components (general public, organizations, etc.), do social impact business that all participants can benefit from. Results of values created (e.g. profit) will be returned to the society.

Differentiation of Processes

For organizational sustainability, new value creation approaches will continue to be developed. Will let diverse components of global society voluntarily and easily participate in CN and/or LDN activity. Will provide enough (more than expected) rewards to all participants. 

To secure voluntary and easy participation,
transparency, and rewardability

A: (blockchain technology based) GESIA (Green Earth Social Impact Alliance) platform has been formed.

B: Will form a value chain ecosystem of VCM where all parties can easily participate, and for the trust of the ecosystem, denationalized & decentralized global support system will be formed.

Differentiation of Results

By solving climate crisis and blockchain crisis (i.e., cryptocurrency crisis) simultaneously, GEC pursue not a partial but the common prosperity of the global society. Most environment-related non-profit organizations rely on donations from the society. 

However, GEC, by developing/applying new unprecedented business models and technology, will relieve the burden of individuals/organizations in achieving CN and LDN. 

Let the participants get enough rewards from their CN and LDN activity. Finally, profits of GEC will be donated to those who work for CN and/or LDN.


GEC: Who We Are

Board Members
Won-Woo Park (Chairman)
Professor, College of Business Administration,
Seoul National University
Hyuk Joon Kwon
Professor, Soonchunhyang 
Taegeun Kwon
Vice President, DI
Doil Ahn
CSO/Founder, GESIA Platform
Kwanghyun Kim
CEO, Hivelab

Byong Hyon Kwon

CEO, Future Forest ; UNCCD 

Land Ambassador

Simon Kim

CSO/CEO, Synaptic Wave 

Byungjoon Yoo
Professor, Seoul National 
Jongsub Lee
Professor, Seoul National 
Namgyoo K. Park
Professor, Seoul National 
Ellis Ahn

Student of Columbia 

Fashion Model, Envt. Activist

Jaewoong Choi
Representing Lawyer, 
Lawfirm Sunghyun
Hyogun Kim
Professor, Ehwa Womens 
Yoochan Yang
Vice Chairman, KES Holdings
Intae Park
Researcher, Seoul National 
Jeong Pyo Hong
CEO, Hanhwa Savings Bank

Hwy-Chang Moon
Professor Emeritus, 
Seoul National University
Han-Koo Yeo
Professor, SNU ; 
Former Minister, 
Ministry of Trade
Yeong Kyun Ahn
Former Partner, 
Samil Accounting Firm
Tae Young Lee
Chairman, KC Green Holdings
Young Hyo Bae
Former CEO, 
Dongyang Security
Duksang Kim
CEO, Sartorius Korea
Sungmin Kim
Chairman, INBE
Dukgyoon Hyun
Director, KEB Hana Bank
Yoonjung Choi
Director,Korea Association of 
Blockchain Industry
Yoonsuk Cha
Professor, Donga University
Hojin Bang
Professor, Cheju National 
Gwangil Paik
HR Team Leader, SK
Mee Sook Kim

Professor, California State 
University. East Bay
Suntae Kim

Professor, Johns Hopkins 
Hyunsun Chung
Researcher, Seoul National 
Joongrak Choi
Doctoral Student, 
Seoul National University
Jungsun Choi
Graduate Student, 
Seoul National University
Jeeyoung Sung
Professor, Jeonbuk National 


Strategic Alliance